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Mathieu Choux arrived in Boise from Burgundy, France in 2001. He opened Le Café de Paris downtown, offering fresh croissants, breads, and a full daily dine-in menu. By popular demand from local restaurants, the Café expanded its wholesale baking options in 2006 to serve the local market. Mathieu closed the Café’s doors years later to focus solely on Gaston’s Bakery and serving much more of the Treasure Valley. The bakery is now located on the Bench and has developed into a national brand via countless community partners, food distributors, and Sur La Table.

Contributing to local communities has always been a top priority for Mathieu and generates most of his daily operation. In the past few years, he decided to take the bakery to the next level and start working on the core of his field: flour. With a concern for gluten sensitivities and desire for holistic, healthy ingredients, Mathieu decided to install a mill and begin processing local wheat. He uses a specialized UNIFINE mill that pulverizes the wheat on impact, producing a high-quality, high-extraction, nutritious flour. Instead of over-processing and diluting the wheat germ, the impact mill process maintains the integrity of the flour, providing more fiber and flavor.

Throughout the past twenty years, Mathieu and his team have strived to create consistent and unparalleled products, and Gaston’s Bakery hopes to continue to bring the traditional art of baking to your home for many more. Please message us if you have any questions about the flour, our process, or stop by our shop to say hi!

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